Deer Heart


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Released October 14, 2016

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Melbourne composer Tilman Robinson delivers his second full-length in a haze of distortion and hypnotic layers. ‘Deer Heart’, his debut for Hobbledehoy Record Co, integrates ethereal multi-instrumental resonance, dynamic percussion and fastidious production in telling a story that spans three continents. Written, recorded and meticulously pieced together at various locations in Berlin, Melbourne, the Canadian Rockies and Reykjavík’s Greenhouse Studios, the album follows Tilman’s debut recording ‘Network of Lies’ which was nominated for multiple Australian art-music awards and drew critical praise.

‘Deer Heart’ is an electro-acoustic pastiche drawing on a wide range of musical influences and is intent on testing the psychological impacts of dense sound. Mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, Ben Frost, Nico Muhly etc.), ’Deer Heart’ finds Tilman elevating his sound into an unlikely mix of optimism and nihilism via dark sonic crevices. It is an album of depth and complexity; a record equally at home on the shelves of the most avid post-rock fan as it would in the ranks of any modern-composer collection.

Deer Heart - Tilman Robinson - Album art

1. Where We Began
2. Pareidolia
3. Her Heart Was Warm (until it stopped beating)
4. Orison
5. In the Always
6. Bathed in Her
7. Yours, Deer Heart

Released October 14, 2016
LP / CD / Digital
HOB 041

first press: 250 Seafoam Green

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