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The cult-classic debut album from Bluetile Lounge. Redux vinyl artwork.

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* Second Pressing
* Limited to 250 copies
* Gatefold jacket
* Instant digital download (MP3/FLAC)
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Amongst the mid 90’s grunge pop storm was a quiet band from Perth who would help define a sub-genre – “slowcore”.  But while forming in 1991, it took 4 years for their debut record Lowercase (1995), then follow up with Half Cut (1998). With just two albums and a compilation appearance, then they were gone.

To the many that found them after the fact, Bluetile Lounge were a band with a cult following. Amplified by passionate fans and online file sharing, long after their records were out of print. These were deep-cuts from the obscure scene, subverting many of the genre tropes. Exisiting during a time pre-internet mass adoption. Exisiting in a place far away from everything, Perth Western Australia. It’s incredible to think Lowercase, as mesmerising as it is, how it didn’t get lost in time.

Bluetile Lounge

“It was a bit like a reaction to going out – there’s lots of loud stuff so we’ll play quiet. There’s lots of fast stuff so we’ll play slow.” – Daniel Erickson

Bluetile Lounge - Gabriel Cotton - Live

Photo credit: Guy Blackman

But through a series of events, the band was championed by notable people such as Guy Blackman (Chapter Music), Alan Sparhawk (Low) and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). Leading to record deals in the US, while Bluetile Lounge remained in the sleepy city. To tour in the nineties was not an affordable option for most Perth bands, despite the international attention for Bluetile Lounge. Besides being squeezed onto the bill of the Perth leg of 1996’s Summersault Festival at the behest of Sonic Youth, few people beyond the band’s friends ever saw them live. They made no film clips and did few interviews. Both albums have been out of print since before the band split in 1998.

Originally released on CD only through Summershine Records in 1995, Lowercase was then picked up by Sup Pop records for distribution. Swapping structure and form for lengthy, ebb and flow sequences in its dreamlike atmosphere, it’s considered by many adoring fans as a defining point.

First time on vinyl – Double LP gatefold pressing with new artwork by Bassist Howard Healy.

HOB065 art

1. Wriding
2. Gm
3. The Weight (and the Sea)
4. Ambered
5. Figure Ground

Released July, 2022
LP / Digital
HOB 065

Recorded live (with over-dubs) at Fremantle Masonic Hall, WA Australia March 1995.
Recorded and engineered by Gary Devlin of Emanon Studios.
Mixed, produced and pre-mastered by Bluetile Lounge and Gary Devlin.
Mastered by John Golden.
Photography by Alexander Stevens.

Gabrielle Cotton – Guitars
Daniel Erickson – Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Howard Healy – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Alexander Stevens – Drums, Percussion

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