Ten Years (Thank You)

HOBBLEDEHOY – Ten Years (Thank You)

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In celebration of ten years, we wanted to do something special. At the beginning of 2016 we approached current artists to contribute to a compilation. Answering with an array of diverse tracks, many of which unreleased or rare, we are very proud and ever so grateful to everyone who’s helped us in getting to this point. The artists, supporters, partners and well-wishers, thank you for making this decade really special.

AUD $ 40


* Limited to 300
* Heavyweight jacket with spot-gloss
* Instant digital download (MP3/FLAC)
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AUD $ 10


Released November 25, 2016
2LP / Digital
HOB 042

first press: 300 White and Black

The labels first release ‘Oh Messy Life – 1+1-1=1’ came out in stores April 10, 2006. But the story of Hobbledehoy starts a couple of months prior…

Turning 19, having just moved from country Victoria back to Melbourne, I decided to sell my car in favour of instead riding my bike, using the sale to fund a record release. I spoke to a friend about sharing the name ‘Hobbledehoy’ (which he also produced films under) and lined up the first release.

The car was then in an accident, and the record was now going to another label. Suddenly without money to support a release, or a recording to release for that matter, I was stuck. But after much persuasion and saving, the originally planned release of an endearing Sydney band’s final album had now shifted to be a member of the band’s solo home-recorded demos. Setting the tone for Hobbledehoy in many different ways, even still to this day now ten years on.

A large part of the labels ‘success’, which I will loosely define as not running out of money, being transparent with our artists and paying them accordingly, and perhaps finally, people still paying attention, I can attribute to taking it deliberately slow. This is not the most active label, I take a lot of pride in working with a small select group of like-minded artists, releasing just a handful of records each year. Because this is a hobby, albeit a very time consuming one, like almost all of our artist partners I too have to balance this with a full-time day job and other commitments. But it has been an absolute joy.

The friendships made, some of the most beautiful and earnest people I’ve had the privilege of knowing, I owe entirely to this.

Thank you for caring. Because all of this could not have happened without you, the listener.

x Tom Majerczak

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HOBBLEDEHOY – Ten Years (Thank You)
AUD $ 10AUD $ 40