About Hobbledehoy

You only really need to know three things about us

We love records

We’re all about music, especially in its physical form.

We love our artists

We choose to work with a small group of artists we absolutely adore.

We love our fans

Quality products, fair prices, speedy delivery, friendly service, no-fuss returns.

If you’re looking for more info:

You can get in touch, read about demo submissions, check out a list of distributors or learn more about what we do below…

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Our history, ethos…

Hobbledehoy is an independent record label now based in Adelaide, SA doing things a little differently. From day one, the focus has been on providing forward-thinking artists with a cooperative, hands-on, DIY-rooted method of getting their music heard. Proudly operate on a 50/50 profit sharing model with the roster, providing support beyond just releasing records.

Founded in Melbourne by Tom Majerczak in 2006 while a student. Today Hobbledehoy is run together with wife Erin McCartney as a labour of love, alongside their day jobs. With additional help from friend Carl Burnett.

Choosing to work with only a small group of artists allows us to focus on the finer details, affording the artist freedom and room to develop — on their own terms. By intentionally limiting our output to just a handful of new full-length releases each year, each release is ensured the full attention it deserves.

Hobbledehoy strives to be a bespoke home for artists as well as a link in the important networks we’ve all helped build together through music. Above all, doing it with integrity and as a united family, a close-knit community.

Thank YOU.

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