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Recordings from exceptional artists

Stephen Baker print Hobble Day 2015

Providing forward-thinking artists with a collaborative partner sharing their vision, helping them build equity and retain ownership of their own work.

Partnering with only a small group of artists allows us to focus on the finer details, affording the artist freedom and room to develop — on their own terms.



For Publicity, Distro, License, Sync requests or to say hello –
[email protected]


PO Box 704
Walkerville, SA 5081 Australia

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The most common things we get asked are all here – Frequently Asked Questions

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Hobbledehoy is distributed worldwide digitally by The Orchard.

Physical distribution partners:

Submissions / Demos / Solicitations

If you believe your music is a good fit for Hobbledehoy, details for how to send are on our submissions page


We are not going to pretend that vinyl or CDs are environmental sound products. While they’re not single-use plastics, they are still plastic. But we are continually working toward reducing our environmental mark in how we operate.

  • Solar powered home office
  • Decentralised inventory (reduced emissions / shorter shipping distances). We have operations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to ship orders worldwide, currently operating from Australia, USA and UK.
  • Recyclable shipment packaging. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re working with our suppliers to eliminate plastics in our packages and use recycled material. Our UK fulfilment is completely plastic-free with others nearly there.
  • Eco-focused vinyl manufacturing. Since late 2022, we’ve partnered with a modern pressing plant actively making positive changes.


We are actively working to provide a website that is accessible to all. By increasing the accessibility and usability of our site, we aim to adhere to available standards and guidelines. Please email us if you have difficulty accessing the site.