Hobbledehoy is a music company
supporting work of
exceptional and interesting artists.

Our mission is cataloging genre-defying music to support more artists and music in the world.

We are a platform for artists, committed through a considered approach to quality, respect and individuality.

We proudly represent recordings of leading artists including Sophie Hutchings, This Will Destroy You, Deafcult, and more.

Founded in Melbourne by Tom Majerczak in 2006 while a student, today Hobbledehoy is run together with Erin McCartney and additional help from friend Carl Burnett in Brisbane. We also choose to partner with leading services from around the world.

From day one, the focus has been on providing forward-thinking artists with a collaborative partner sharing their vision, helping them build equity and retain ownership of their work.

Working with only a small group of artists allows us to focus on the finer details, affording the artist freedom and room to develop โ€” on their own terms.

Thanks for caring.

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PO Box 704
Walkerville, SA 5081 Australia

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