DEAFCULT were the kids back in high school that invested heavily in their alone time. Music, records, movies, zines, books, comics, skateboarding, writing, drawing, high brow, and low brow all took precedence over any alternative. It was always going to be tough finding likeminded characters. Years out, many bands and numerous projects between, DEAFCULT forms in Brisbane, Australia – 2015.

Noisy guitars of fuzz, echo, flashy rhythms and shoegaze pop melody, DEAFCULT quickly released a demo that would prompt Hobbledehoy Record Co to reach out to longtime friend and band guitarist Stevie Scott, just weeks after the demo release, to work together on a debut album. Blackwire Records would later reissue the demo on vinyl, only to have it sell out soon after, as excitement for the 6 piece escalated.

Although DEAFCULT grew from a rather isolated situation and mood, ironically those same conditions are what continues to draw listeners in.

Debut album โ€˜Aurasโ€™ out 30 June 2017 via Hobbledehoy.

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