Future Of Illusion

DEAFCULT – Future Of Illusion


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The second full-length record from outliers DEAFCULT, “Future Of Illusion” takes an unexpected and important left turn. If “Auras” was the dream, Illusion is the nightmare.

AUD $ 36.36


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“Future Of Illusion” takes an unexpected and important left turn. The second full-length record from outliers DEAFCULT examines mans intervention in nature and the irreparable disconnection it causes. The more we intervene the further away we get. If “Auras” was the dream, born in what you can look back at as a simpler world, Illusion is the nightmare.

The record features 15 tracks in a rage and introspectively-filled capsule. The soundtrack to now, existing within a ripped hole in space and time which has led to absolute despair.

Deafcult band photo 2023

Photo credit: Stephen Booth

“In Chinese philosophy Zhuang Zhou tells a story of him dreaming he is a butterfly, as a butterfly he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou all of a sudden he awoke to find he was human. He pondered on which he was. One of these images to him was full of optimism soaring as a butterfly, the other a melancholic idea that “life is but a dream” in the song Ein Traum Kellie sings “if we are the dreamer that dreams and then we live inside the dream, who is the dreamer? Not me”. To us, the dream of “Auras” doesn’t belong to us anymore. It was really never ours. It was reminiscent of another time and the ideas belong to the second in time that they were thought about. Not an absolute truth but a snapshot of a feeling about a memory at a certain point in time. The dream state that “Auras” talked about through subconscious memories had become a nightmare and the snapshot then changes. In a way it’s the same record but in a different context.”

– Stevie Scott

“As we’ve been playing these songs live, we’ve realised we need to focus inwards, like the albums themes and the DIY nature of the recording and the visual aspects of the band, we are all focused inward. we can do what we need ourselves. our stage set up is now circular where we are facing inwards, the focus, the music, the energy is us.”

– Kellie Lloyd 

Album Art - Deafcult - Future Of Illusion
  1. Oppenheimer’s Regret
  2. The Sign
  3. Sleep
  4. The Outsider
  5. Annihilate
  6. Umbilical
  7. Chemicals
  8. The Nightmare
  9. The Well
  10. Metamorphosis
  11. Future of Illusion
  12. Tulpas
  13. Rue du Montparnasse
  14. Ein Traum
  15. Ame Solitaire

Released August 14, 2023
LP / CD / Digital
HOB 073

Deafcult on this recording is: Stevie Scott, Kellie Llyod, Matt Bach, Kelly Hanlon, Nathan Crust
Sound Recording: Mark Perry and Deafcult
Mixing Engineer: Mark Perry
Mastering Engineer: Matthew Barnhart
Artwork and graphic design: Stevie Scott

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Deafcult - Future Of Illusion LP white
DEAFCULT – Future Of Illusion
AUD $ 9.09AUD $ 36.36