We’re a (very) tiny record label based in Adelaide, Australia. We release records with our friends and heroes….

Hobbledehoy started in 2006 inside of a small suburban bedroom in Melbourne. It is currently operated out of Adelaide, SA as labour of love, alongside a full-time day job.

From day one, the focus has been on providing forward-thinking artists with a cooperative, hands-on, DIY-rooted method of getting their music heard. We work with our roster to provide them with support in any way that we can — beyond just releasing records.

The label is owned and operated by Tom Majerczak, with grateful assistance from wife Erin and family.



[email protected]
PO Box 704 Walkerville, SA 5081 Australia



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02 9283 8250

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818 548 9001

The Orchard 
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Demo Submissions

We do accept unsolicited emails with links to your audio, but please note:

Streaming links only. Do not send any files (audio, images or other) as email attachments – these will be trashed. If we have further interest, we will contact you. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of demo inquiries, we cannot respond to every solicitation.  A lack of response from us implies no judgment about your music; there are hundreds of reasons why we might fail to follow up, and it is nothing personal.

If you believe your music is a good fit for Hobbledehoy, send to [email protected]