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Fifth studio album from Sophie Hutchings takes inspiration from a long journey through a beautiful and largely vacant landscape.

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The music of Australian pianist Sophie Hutchings is lucid and deep, overflowing with beauty. Her fifth studio album Yonder takes inspiration from a long journey through a beautiful and largely vacant landscape. Thoughts are allowed to run free, and Sophie’s piano playing is free, too.

On Yonder, she drives her liberated piano through a spectacular and ever-changing landscape sculpted by nothing but the natural world. Yonder is a flowing, unravelling road, with loose rhythms and unchained melodies encapsulating the freedom both here, behind and up ahead. Yonder is an adventurous, off-road endeavour. With wonderfully expansive melodies and a subtle, sensitive touch, Sophie is able to bring out these feelings of freedom, and so too is the listener able to daydream completely.

1. Caress
2. North North West
3. Sway
4. Always
5. The Road
6. Pipe Dream

The LP is pressed on virgin vinyl and comes with a download code for a digital copy of the album.

CD released via 1631 Recordings.

Released March 29, 2017
HOB 046

first press: 500 Black (5 test presses)

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AUD $ 35