Angel Youth


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20th anniversary pressing of this indie-emo classic

AUD $ 34.55

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Last Days Of April 2000 era

A hook is a hook…but with Last Days Of April, it’s an epic masterpiece…

Hobbledehoy proudly presents the vinyl LP 20 year anniversary release of Angel Youth, the 2000 breakout third album from Sweden’s Last Days Of April.

A hook is a hook…but with Last Days Of April, it’s an epic masterpiece. Inventive arrangements, bittersweet melodies, flawless instrumentation and the masterful production of Fireside’s Pelle Gunnerfeldt give Angel Youth its hidden edge. Layers of strings and pianos surround songs examining the tender sting of relationships past. Receiving critical praise within indie circles worldwide, an outstanding record that remains a cult favourite now twenty years on.

Originally released on CD by Swedish label Bad Taste in 2000, licensed by several small labels around the world including Australia and Japan, then finally to the United States in 2001 by Deep Elm. The bands presence would quickly grow as press and radio excitement for the young Swedish band was getting more momentum. Angel Youth was fresh and original with a strong emotional melodic pop element, uniquely LDOA…

The record previously had a small, one time vinyl pressing by German label Green Hell in 2000. Often fetching triple figures on various reseller marketplaces.

Released April 17, 2020
HOB 057

first press: 500 Red (5 Test Pressings)

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Photo credit: Phillip Van

“Last Days Of April are a beautiful surprise. Angel Youth is enveloping and melancholic with excellent and obscure melodies.” – Metal Hammer

Last Days Of April - Angel Youth cover artwork

1. From Here To Anywhere
2. Aspirins And Alcohol
3. The Days I Recall Being Wonderful
4. Will The Violins Be Playing?
5. Glowing Me Choking You
6. Make Friends With Time
7. Two Hands And Ten Fingers
8. Life Companion Murphy’s Law
9. Down the Aisle (With You)
10. Make Friends With Time (Instrumental)

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