Self / Centred

CRUSCH – Self / Centred


AUD $ 3AUD $ 10

Debut release for Melbourne’s CRUSCH. Two song 7″ plus additional digital track – limited pink vinyl

AUD $ 10


* Limited to 300 * Instant digital download (MP3/FLAC)
AUD $ 3


Released September 30, 2016
7″ / Digital
HOB 040

first press: 300 Pink

Debut release for Melbourne’s CRUSCH. 3 tracks, a taste of things to come.

CRUSCH marry the hook-heavy with a lyrical narrative, covering close personal stories, searching for clarity. While the listener is periodically struck by faint echoes of the familiar, futile is the exercise of conceiving bands as merely sums of their influences.

The 7″ is pressed on Pink virgin vinyl and comes in a pocket jacket and download code for 320 kbps MP3 copy of the album. Note 7″ contains two tracks, the third is a digital only track.

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CRUSCH – Self / Centred
AUD $ 3AUD $ 10