Codes In The Clouds (Piano Reworks)

CODES IN THE CLOUDS – Codes In The Clouds (Piano Reworks)

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Released March 28, 2020
Limited edition Piano Day release

AUD $ 21.82


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It feels strange having a celebration whilst there is a global pandemic happening. Everyone’s lives affected by the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with it. However, inspired by and in celebration of Piano Day 2020, we would like to offer you a 15 minute respite in the form of three piano/string arrangements of three songs from our most recent record. The aim of Piano Day is in part the centuries-old joy of playing piano, the importance of finding even a little bit of joy is as important now as it has always been.

The three tracks on this originally were recorded as a full band, appearing on 2019’s self-titled record Codes In The Clouds.

Released March 28, 2020
12″ / Digital
HOB 058

first press: 150 Black

CITC live in London

Photo credit: Magda Campagne

1. Tide Creeps Like A Thief (Piano Rework)
2. Haldern, Early Hours (Piano Rework)
3. The Trip (Piano Rework)

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Codes In The Clouds (Piano Reworks) Vinyl
CODES IN THE CLOUDS – Codes In The Clouds (Piano Reworks)
AUD $ 2.73AUD $ 21.82