Codes In The Clouds

CODES IN THE CLOUDS – Codes In The Clouds

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Released October 11, 2019

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Codes In The Clouds - band shot

…powerfully documents where Codes have been, and where they might go next.

Codes In The Clouds third full length album was recorded in 2015 at Nice Weather For Airstrikes Studios, West Sussex, England. After three years of writing, one week of recording and three more years of post-production. ‘Codes In The Clouds’ will be released on Hobbledehoy in October 2019. Recorded and produced by friend and old label mate Ryan Lee West (Rival Consoles).

The writing process started in early 2012 after having spent 2009-2011 recording and touring ‘Paper Canyon’ and ‘As The Spirit Wanes’. Those first two albums were written as a collective in a rehearsal room, with the songs formed organically; expanded from various little ideas or pieces brought to the rehearsals by individual members. 

‘Codes In The Clouds’, however, was written very differently. The band wanted to achieve something more precise and driven than the elaborations on themes they had previously produced. This, coupled with their changing lifestyles, meant that they would begin writing nearly-whole songs individually. The idea was to collect the perfect combination of songs that fully reflected the individual’s intent but melded together to create an album with a unified spirit representative of the band. 

On the one hand, S/T is as quintessentially Codes In The Clouds as anything the group has ever done – fulfilling the original mandate of harmonious and blissful sound, liable to explode any minute. At the same time, this new record continues to push beyond anything in Codes’ previous repertoire – along with the explosive group dynamic captured on the recording by Ryan Lee West. The joys, sorrows, and upheavals echo throughout album three: it powerfully documents where Codes In The Clouds have been, and where they might go next.

Codes In The Clouds
Codes In The Clouds - Album Artwork

1. About Your Etiquette…
2. Sixes And Seventeens
3. Communion
4. A Different Take
5. Tide Creeps Like A Thief
6. Haldern, Early Hours
7. The Trip

Released October 11, 2019
LP / Digital
HOB 053

first press: 500 Black (5 Test Pressings)

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