Escaping Mankind

CHARGE GROUP – Escaping Mankind

Artists:Charge Group

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The debut Charge Group album.

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The stunning debut from the Sydney four-piece has won universal praise around the world for its flowing beauty, ambition and genre-defiance.


Put simply, Charge Group play loud dynamic rock music (with an electric guitar, a violin, an electric bass and a set of drums) that can instigate sorrow, health, rapture, rapid eye movement, toothache and intrusive self-assessment all at once. They will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts.

Written and made when the band was still a collective in flux, this record features the wondrously inventive Bree van Reyk on drums/percussion, with boy-genius violinist Jason Tampake and ex-Purplene founders Matt “Black” Blackman (voice/guitar) and Adam Jesson (bass). Blackman drums on ‘Lunar Module’ and ‘The Contest’ while Matt “Rosie” Rossetti (Purplene, The Instant) takes to the skins on ‘Speakeasy Death Song’. Soon after the recording of Escaping Mankind Rosie would replace Bree as drummer, and the Permanent Four of Charge Group would then be complete.

Originally released in 2008 by Remote Control and Own records on CD. Hobbledehoy would later issue the vinyl LP in 2013. Now in 2019, in collaboration with Matthew Blackman’s own ‘Microphone & Loudspeaker’ label, together Hobbledehoy have released this digitally too.

  1. Lunar Module
  2. Partial Glowing
  3. Redcoats & Convicts
  4. Pax #1
  5. Vice’d
  6. Speakeasy Death Song
  7. The Contest
  8. Lullaby for the Apocalypse
  9. Pax #2
  10. Morning of Superheroes

Released March 8, 2013 (LP)
Original Release September 11, 2008 (CD/Digital)
HOB 022

first press: 250 180g Black (5 test presses)

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