Selfish Prick

CERES – Selfish Prick


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Companion piece to the debut album, I Don’t Want To be Anywhere But Here.

7" (Clear w/ Black Haze)
£ 6
* Limited to 250
* Instant digital download (MP3/FLAC)
Digital (MP3/FLAC)
£ 2


Released November 14, 2014
7″ / Digital
HOB 033

first press: 500 Clear w/ Black Haze (250 Hand Stamped covers, 250 Offset Printed covers) (5 test presses)

Selfish Prick was written not long after the completion of Ceres IDWTBABH album, so we guess it could be considered a little companion piece type thing to that record. …Anywhere But Here’s weird little sister maybe? Who knows. Really, we just wanted to make something again. So here she is.

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