Jamie Hay

  • JAMIE HAY – King Of The Sun

    $ 8.00$ 24.00

    The debut full-length from Jamie Hay is a haunted collection of material tracing stories of resilience, courage, heartbreak and tragedy.

  • JAMIE HAY – Thieves

    $ 10.00

    1st pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on a matt-finish jacket with download code included inside. Jamie’s long awaited solo debut after joining Hobbledehoy in 2008.

    In the midst of a heavy touring with A Death In The Family, as well as regular touring with other projects Conation, Fear Like Us, Tyre Swans & Ribbons Patterns, Jamie slowly assembled his first solo release. Thieves heralds a beautiful progression in Jamie Hay‘s catalog, anchored by his trademark vocals and haunting undertones.