Blueline Medic

  • BLUELINE MEDIC – 42:19

    $ 10.00$ 20.00

    The third and final album from the legendary Melbourne band.

    After a split EP with critically acclaimed Americans Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Melbourne’s Blueline Medic recorded their third full length 42:19. It’s rich, textured and drenched with their signature unabashed melodies coupled with succinctly positioned harmonies. Blueline have nailed an album of their very own classics while managing to extend their musical and production reach far beyond previous outings.

  • BLUELINE MEDIC – The Middle Of The End

    $ 2.00$ 10.00

    Limited Blueline Medic 7″ from 2008

    Packaged in a matt-finish jacket with a complementary digital download card, The Middle Of The End is the first vinyl mile-marker in Blueline Medic‘s impressive and decade long spanning career. A new track and a cover of a beloved band favorite, the perfect companion piece to the 42:19 album.