Fourteen Nights At Sea

Fourteen Nights At Sea – New 12″/ Digital

Fourteen Nights At Sea – Artefacts / Black Maps

Digital available now. Pre-order Black vinyl limited to 250 copies – housed in a 350gsm uncoated black flood printed discosleeve, polylined inner and protective resealable outer slip

Cover Art - Fourteen Nights At Sea - Artefacts / Black Maps
Sometimes things just happen. And sometimes they just can’t. Such is the fate of Melbourne 6 piece Fourteen Nights At Sea, graciously bowing out with their swan songs Artefacts and Black Maps. Their first recordings with vocalist/guitarist Amy Muir, digitally and on limited edition 12″ vinyl.

After the release of 2016’s EP Acres / No Capital, the band would enter a quieter period before announcing an indefinite hiatus. But with the departure, two recordings were left unfinished. An important final chapter was left in limbo. Though Fourteen Nights At Sea would eventually become known for their expert marriage of dark rock and metal, in just two tracks Artefacts and Black Maps highlight the band’s eclectic roots. The long stretches of hypnotic, melodic washes give way to scorching guitar that evaporate into Amy’s haunting vocals. It’s remarkable not just for its earnest exploration, but for how the uncertainty has been replaced by a breathtaking introspective beauty.


HOB067 Vinyl Record