Charge Group albums now available

Charge Group

Hobbledehoy are very proud to share the albums from Sydney’s Charge Group are now widely available across digital platforms.

The self titled Charge Group (2012) and the debut Escaping Mankind (2008) have equally been heralded for their creative genre defiance, beauty and ambition, and have always held a special spot in the hearts of everyone at Hobbledehoy. Previously we released a vinyl edition of their debut, now we’ve stocked the Hobble store with vinyl and CDs of both albums, all with instant downloads.

Charge Group are a cinematic art rock band from Sydney that formed from the ashes of Purplene in 2007. Playing loud dynamic rock music (with an electric guitar, a violin, an electric bass and a set of drums) that can instigate sorrow, health, rapture, rapid eye movement, toothache and intrusive self-assessment all at once. They will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts.

After the years that followed their 2008 debut ‘Escaping Mankind‘, Charge Group toured Europe, got busy writing, then stormed back on the scene with Brendan Cowell’s award-winning video for Run, supports with Explosions in the Sky and the anticipated album number two – securing their position as one of Australia’s most innovative and exciting bands.

This is proudly a joint collaboration with Matt Blackman’s own label, Microphone & Loudspeaker.

Charge Group - Escaping Mankind

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