Introducing: Hobbledehoy Vélo

I like to buy quality products when I can, investing now rather than cheaping out on stuff that doesn’t last. Hey, we can’t all afford to always buy the best, but when it comes to cycling wearables I’ve found all to often price doesn’t correlate with quality. Together with some bespoke manufacturers, I’ve begun a tiny side-project making the gear I want to wear and share with all our riding supporters on team hobble.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Hobbledehoy vélo. A very small-run, high-quality division of exceptional riding products.

hobble-jersey-mod-460xHobbledehoy vélo – Merino Cycling Jersey

This is the beginning of the Hobble vélo range, a custom jersey made of soft, comfortable Merino wool. Designed not for racing, rather for EVERYTHING ELSE. Whether you ride city, highway or trails… this is one hard working, versatile, quality jersey. We’ve tried hard to create something we hope will become your favourite piece of cycling clothing.

Hand crafted in Sydney by ELEVEN from Woolmark Merino wool, minimalist Black/Grey design featuring a small Hobbledehoy logo on chest and sleeve. Sporting clean generous cuts for comfort and range of motion, with three rear pockets, reinforced to prevent ‘load sag’, an easy-on/easy-off full-length Swiss-made zip and elasticised sleeves and waist. Merino regulates temperature so well we use it as a base layer in Winter and on its own in Summer.

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