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Pre-Order: Owen – Ghost Town – Vinyl Limited Edition


Special Hobbledehoy 180g vinyl edition w/ Bonus track
1st press limited to 100 hand-numbered copies + MP3 coupon

Coming November 11, 2011 – Ghost Town features some of Owen‘s loudest, rock-leaning moments to date. As he reveals, “I recorded most of the drums last August, right in the middle of all the Cap’n Jazz shows, so I’m sure I was hitting the drums a little harder at the time than I have in years.”

Another step toward a new musical direction should come as no surprise to those who have followed Owen‘s songwriting evolution from sparse acoustic offerings (on his self-titled debut) to lush, string-filled arrangements (At Home With Owen, New Leaves).

Ghost Town is an absolutely stellar effort from Mike, I’m enjoying the album on an entirely different level from his previous records. The artwork is brilliant, songs are distinctly more energetic, can you believe this is album #6? Hobbledehoy pressing includes a bonus Wilco cover, a very limited 1st pressing of just 100 hand-numbered copies on black 180g vinyl and paired with a MP3 download coupon.

Free MP3: Owen – I Believe
Pre-Order: $19.99 Owen – Ghost Town LP

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Pre-Order: Braid – Closer to Closed – 180g Blue 12″

Braid - Closer to Closed Special AUS/NZ version – 180g Blue 12″
1st press limited to 300 hand-numbered copies + MP3 coupon!


It’s not everyday you get asked to release a new record from one of your favorite bands. So you can appreciate my utmost delight to announce that Hobbledehoy will be releasing an AUS/NZ vinyl edition of Closer to Closed, the new EP from seminal angular-rock outfit Braid. This all happened very quickly, I’m still a little shaken!

From 1993 to 1997, as Braid carved out its musical niche, the pages of the band’s history were filled with endless lists of shows played, 7″s recorded, and followers gained. Then, a year after the release of 1998’s Frame and Canvas — a genre-defining album that continues to serve as an influence for countless musicians to this day — Braid disbanded at the height of its popularity. Members then moving on to form Hey Mercedes, The City On Film and The Firebird Band. But, even while on the tip of peoples’ tongues, the prospect of hearing brand new music from the band remained elusive — until now.

Free MP3: Braid – The Right Time
Pre-Order: $14.99 Braid – Closer to Closed 12″ (180g blue) w/ MP3 coupon

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Vinyl Reissue: The Leap Year – With A Little Push A Pattern Appears

Available on vinyl for the first time and shipping immediately, first pressing limited to 264 copies all hand-numbered!

Almost 4 years since it’s original release, The Leap Year debut album With A Little Push, A Pattern Appears was a record I expected to largely go unnoticed. Instead, the album was a retail success, quickly selling out at stores across the country. It was at this point Hobbledehoy’s fastest selling release. The four friends from Perth have since gone on supporting international heavyweights Spoon, Low, Swervedriver and more. While the CD is now long out of print and we anxiously await their second full-length, it seems only fitting to give this record a new life on vinyl LP.

– Listen: Stream the complete album on BandCamp
– Purchase: The Leap Year – With A Little Push… LP w/ MP3 coupon

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Arrows ‘Modern Art & Politics’ 2xLP out now

It’s the first release for 2011 and we’re kicking off with a beauty! Arrows acclaimed debut album Modern Art & Politics is finally available on vinyl and now shipping.

A deluxe 2xLP in a beautiful matte-finish gatefold jacket with download code, first press is limited to just 102 copies and hand-numbered (almost all gone!). Check out the video + photos for a better look!

Purchase here

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Owen 7″ out today on Polyvinyl Records

Order the new Owen 7" Owen has released a new 7″ on his longtime USA label Polyvinyl Records, which comes out today.

An extension of the latest full-length New Leaves (Hobbledehoy HOB-012), Abandoned Bridges was recorded in Champaign-Urbana with cousin Nate Kinsella and features a cover of Wilco‘s “I’m Always In Love” on side B. This one comes on either white or black vinyl (white vinyl limited to 1000 copies and only available at Polyvinyl) and includes an instant MP3 download.

Purchase 7″ from Polyvinyl
Listen to a track

Purchase New Leaves full-length from Hobbledehoy

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Arrows ‘Try and Stay Upright’ LP/CD/Digital out now

Blistering barnacles! The new Arrows record Try and Stay Upright is in stores nationwide and now shipping from our online storeiTunes.

First 500 CD’s hand-numbered in beautiful matt-finish gatefold jackets. Vinyl 1st press of 324 on stunning Red vinyl (the most handsome of all vinyl), each hand-numbered in matt-finish jackets with digital download coupon included. Pick up your copy from Hobbledehoy and get an instant MP3 download of the entire record!

Possessing an honesty that has garnered them obsessed fanbases both in their Brisbane hometown and in underground circles worldwide, Arrows are post-rock balladeers without a filter. Almost two years since their debut album Modern Art & Politics flooded onto “Best of 2008” lists across the globe, Arrows have recorded their compelling heartfelt second album Try and Stay Upright. Seamlessly more dynamic and emotionally gripping than its 2008 predecessor – slower, shorter and certainly this young bands most powerful statement yet.

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Arrows new track + album details

Brisbanes Arrows have posted the first track from their upcoming second album Try and Stay Upright on their Myspace page, where they’ve given everyone a first look at the cover artwork and track listing.

I’m very excited about sharing this new record with everyone and hope you are looking forward to it as well! Technically it’s our first ‘all formats’ release (vinyl LP, compact disc & digital… all curated by us). It makes me very happy this could happen with friends Arrows, for what will be their third release with this tiny independent bedroom label.

Try and Stay UprightIn stores Sept 20, 2010
LP / CD / Digital

Listen to the new track What Happens At A Gifthorse Show

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Jamie Hay ‘Thieves’ 7″ out now

Jamie Hay Thieves 7″ + MP3 is now available & shipping immediately. Forget lengthy pre-orders, these puppies are ready right now and come with an instant MP3 download after checkout!
[Click here to purchase]

3 songs (2 on the 7″), Jamie’s (very) long awaited solo debut after joining Hobbledehoy in 2008. 1st pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on a matt-finish jacket, download code included inside, Black vinyl and lovingly hand assembled by your friends at Hobbledehoy Records – $8. We’ve also got a 7″+MP3+Shirt combo for $23, pretty snazzy hey?

In the midst of a heavy touring schedule and sometimes releasing a few records with A Death In The FamilyConationFear Like UsTyre SwansRibbons Patterns, Jamie slowly assembled his first solo release. Recorded in 2009 during the brief quiet periods, it wasn’t until Autumn 2010 that the entire mixing, mastering + artwork process could be fully completed.

Thieves heralds a beautiful progression in Jamie Hay‘s catalog, anchored by his trademark vocals and haunting undertones – befitting of his upbringing in an old coal-mining town.

Purchase  Thieves 7″ w/ Instant MP3
Listen to the record for free at Bombshellzine
Free download: Thieves MP3

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Owen 7″ pre-order from Polyvinyl Rec

Pre-order the new Owen 7"Mike Kinsella (American Football, Cap’n Jazz) returns with 2 new songs: an all new original “Abandoned Bridges” and the Wilco-penned “Always in Love” – Pre-order here. The first Owen record since Sept 2009’s New Leaves album (Hobbledehoy HOB-012).

The 2 songs are exclusive to this release and were recorded in Champaign-Urbana in March by cousin Nate Kinsella (of Make Believe and Birthmark) and mixed in Chicago. The 7″ is mastered by John Golden and features a chipboard jacked designed by Paul Koob (Don’t Mind Control, (the ep)).

Limited edition of 3000. The first 1000 will be available on white vinyl exclusively through Polyvinyl Records.

Owen Abandoned Bridges 7″+Instant MP3, shipping 17/9/2010

Pre-order the 7″ from Polyvinyl
Listen to a track

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Arrows new album recording update

Brisbane’s awesome foursome Arrows have been hard at work on album number two. I like lists, you probably like lists too, here is what I can share with you in a snappy list format. Enjoy!

  • Recording is done. Ant will be redoing some of the vocal tracks this week, but otherwise finished. In the tradition of all their records prior, this was self-recorded in various bedrooms & practice spaces.
  • I’ve been listening to the rough mixes, sometimes I’m reminded of a more dark Christie Front Drive, occasionally Built To Spill, some poppier American Football moments and perhaps a slow-burn akin to Red House Painters.
  • Next on the to-do list is mixing with Samuel Johnson (A Death In The Family) & mastering by Doug Van Sloun (Cursive, Bright Eyes, American Analogue Set). Both of whom worked on the debut Modern Art & Politics.
  • Has a running time almost half that of the debut album.
  • Photographic artwork by a fantastic young Brisbane photographer.
  • Vinyl junkies rejoice! Will be available on LP / CD / Digital formats. (Vinyl does have the added burden of delaying the release date a bit I’m afraid)
  • A little too early for a release date, fingers crossed late Winter. Still too soon to lock anything in.

Slower, shorter & Arrows best work to date.

More about Arrows
Buy Arrows music + merch

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Test Press Giveaway! Blueline Medic 42:19 LP 2/2

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, Nicholas Holden of NSW Australia!

4219-testpressMail-ordering records is great. On occasion, a small freebie or two might arrive along with the package which is really exciting… it makes mail-order a very enjoyable way to buy music.  Since the release of the Blueline Medic 42:19 LP I’ve had many requests from people to buy the test pressing (pictured – click to enlarge), but have decided the best way to let this ultra-rarity go is through a mysterious giveaway with mail-orders!

‘Ultra-rarity’ you say?” Correct, there are only 2 test pressings in existence, both hand-numbered. This record is pressed on beautiful 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl, with the 1st pressing limited to a ridiculous 164 copies (I am downright amazed this is still in print – pictured below).

How can I win?
Order anything before Friday 13th (oooh spooky!) of November from our Store; vinyl, CDs, shirts… it doesn’t matter.
One customer will then win the glorious Blueline Medic 42:19 LP test-press hand numbered #2/2.
The very lucky, randomly selected customer will be notified by email.

Go to the Hobbledehoy E-Store

Purchase Blueline Medic 42:19 LP (180-gram) or CD