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Pre-Order: Owen – Ghost Town – Vinyl Limited Edition


Special Hobbledehoy 180g vinyl edition w/ Bonus track
1st press limited to 100 hand-numbered copies + MP3 coupon

Coming November 11, 2011 – Ghost Town features some of Owen‘s loudest, rock-leaning moments to date. As he reveals, “I recorded most of the drums last August, right in the middle of all the Cap’n Jazz shows, so I’m sure I was hitting the drums a little harder at the time than I have in years.”

Another step toward a new musical direction should come as no surprise to those who have followed Owen‘s songwriting evolution from sparse acoustic offerings (on his self-titled debut) to lush, string-filled arrangements (At Home With Owen, New Leaves).

Ghost Town is an absolutely stellar effort from Mike, I’m enjoying the album on an entirely different level from his previous records. The artwork is brilliant, songs are distinctly more energetic, can you believe this is album #6? Hobbledehoy pressing includes a bonus Wilco cover, a very limited 1st pressing of just 100 hand-numbered copies on black 180g vinyl and paired with a MP3 download coupon.

Free MP3: Owen – I Believe
Pre-Order: $19.99 Owen – Ghost Town LP

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In Stores Today: This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket CD


The brilliant third album Tunnel Blanket from Texan’s This Will Destroy You is available in Australian / New Zealand stores from today on CD Digipak! 2xLP coming late September.

Order Now: Online Orders includes Free Poster
Listen to the album in full

Tunnel Blanket delivers the epic-in-scope soundscapes that followers of its makers’ previous recordings are accustomed to, but presents them in new lights – where once the sun shone down bright upon immediate tropes and traits, now their work is better suited to distant starlight, casting changeable shadows across vistas of inspired, ambitious amplification. This is not an album to pick through in search of bold hooks and instant melodies. It is an ever-shifting, always moving work, which seems to evolve before the listener – spidery guitar lines feeling their way forth like vines scrambling up trunks in time-lapse photography.

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This Will Destroy You join Hobbledehoy

This Will Destroy YouTunnel Blanket – CD Digipak and 2xLP gatefold coloured vinyl

I am very proud to announce San Marcos, TX four-piece This Will Destroy You are releasing their brilliant third full-length Tunnel Blanket with Hobbledehoy in Australia / New Zealand on CD (in stores August 1 2011) and 2xLP (available late September 2011). You can stream the album in full at BandCamp.

With acclaim from critics and fans alike pouring in overnight, songs from the first record Young Mountain quickly found marriage to various licensing projects across film, television, web, and video projects the world over, and the album quickly shot up both indie retail and iTunes charts. To fully illustrate the fever pitch of the moment, even the Pentagon was caught up in the hysteria, using two songs in a disaster preparedness presentation held before the nation’s top military brass in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Upon release of their second full-length S/T, the band continued to loop North America in between several lengthy stints in the UK and Europe, pausing only to issue a few EP’s (2009’s Field Studies – a split with recent additions to the Hobbledehoy family Lymbyc Systym, 2010’s Moving on the Edges of Things and Communal Blood).

Tunnel Blanket is the third proper full length from This Will Destroy You. It is the product of over two years of having the abyss stare back at the creator and, in turn, the creators lashing back at it with everything they’ve got. While previous albums managed to strike a universal chord of human hope and near-optimism toward the future, Tunnel Blanket is the darker and more intricate sides of human emotion, grief, and tragedy.

This is not an album to pick through in search of bold hooks and instant melodies. Whereas Young Mountain and S/T could be played in bookstores, coffee shops, and surfing videos, Tunnel Blanket commands and provides entire immersion between the recording and the listener. This is not background music and you’re not going to play it at family gatherings (save for perhaps a particularly dark funeral). But there is still beauty in the record. In fact, this could easily be described as the most beautiful album the band has ever made.

CD format available in stores nationally from August 1 2011, packaged in an uncoated card digipak. The deluxe vinyl will be a beautiful 2xLP gatefold, also printed on uncoated card, coloured vinyl (clear with black haze) and be accompanied by an MP3 coupon. 1st press limited to 250 copies, each individually hand-numbered – available late September 2011.

Buy Tunnel Blanket CD / Pre-Order 2xLP

Stream the entire album below

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Pre-Order: Braid – Closer to Closed – 180g Blue 12″

Braid - Closer to Closed Special AUS/NZ version – 180g Blue 12″
1st press limited to 300 hand-numbered copies + MP3 coupon!


It’s not everyday you get asked to release a new record from one of your favorite bands. So you can appreciate my utmost delight to announce that Hobbledehoy will be releasing an AUS/NZ vinyl edition of Closer to Closed, the new EP from seminal angular-rock outfit Braid. This all happened very quickly, I’m still a little shaken!

From 1993 to 1997, as Braid carved out its musical niche, the pages of the band’s history were filled with endless lists of shows played, 7″s recorded, and followers gained. Then, a year after the release of 1998’s Frame and Canvas — a genre-defining album that continues to serve as an influence for countless musicians to this day — Braid disbanded at the height of its popularity. Members then moving on to form Hey Mercedes, The City On Film and The Firebird Band. But, even while on the tip of peoples’ tongues, the prospect of hearing brand new music from the band remained elusive — until now.

Free MP3: Braid – The Right Time
Pre-Order: $14.99 Braid – Closer to Closed 12″ (180g blue) w/ MP3 coupon

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Vinyl Reissue: The Leap Year – With A Little Push A Pattern Appears

Available on vinyl for the first time and shipping immediately, first pressing limited to 264 copies all hand-numbered!

Almost 4 years since it’s original release, The Leap Year debut album With A Little Push, A Pattern Appears was a record I expected to largely go unnoticed. Instead, the album was a retail success, quickly selling out at stores across the country. It was at this point Hobbledehoy’s fastest selling release. The four friends from Perth have since gone on supporting international heavyweights Spoon, Low, Swervedriver and more. While the CD is now long out of print and we anxiously await their second full-length, it seems only fitting to give this record a new life on vinyl LP.

– Listen: Stream the complete album on BandCamp
– Purchase: The Leap Year – With A Little Push… LP w/ MP3 coupon

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Lymbyc Systym join Hobbledehoy

Shutter Release on vinyl LP + new album in the works!

Lymbyc Systym are brother duo Jared and Michael Bell, originally from Arizona, but since relocated to Brooklyn, NY. An amazingly adept and musical force, far beyond the inaccuracies of the “post rock” tag they often get slagged down by. Relentless in touring, unmatched in motivation, and highly organized, this is the type of band that you always hope will catch on big-time beyond traditional circles. With nearly 10 years under their belt to this point, it’s scary to think what these brilliant brothers from the desert still might have up their sleeves for eager ears.

I’m very honoured Jared and Michael have chosen to work with Hobbledehoy. Their passionate yet humble approach to music, friendly nature and hardworking DIY ethic flawlessly epitomises what the label is all about. First up is the international LP release of their latest gem Shutter Release (finally!), followed later by a new full length. Get stoked!

Watch ‘Bedroom Anthem’ music video
Watch ‘Fall Bicycle’ (live) video
Download ‘Ghost Clock’ MP3

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Arrows ‘Modern Art & Politics’ 2xLP out now

It’s the first release for 2011 and we’re kicking off with a beauty! Arrows acclaimed debut album Modern Art & Politics is finally available on vinyl and now shipping.

A deluxe 2xLP in a beautiful matte-finish gatefold jacket with download code, first press is limited to just 102 copies and hand-numbered (almost all gone!). Check out the video + photos for a better look!

Purchase here

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Arrows ‘Try and Stay Upright’ LP/CD/Digital out now

Blistering barnacles! The new Arrows record Try and Stay Upright is in stores nationwide and now shipping from our online storeiTunes.

First 500 CD’s hand-numbered in beautiful matt-finish gatefold jackets. Vinyl 1st press of 324 on stunning Red vinyl (the most handsome of all vinyl), each hand-numbered in matt-finish jackets with digital download coupon included. Pick up your copy from Hobbledehoy and get an instant MP3 download of the entire record!

Possessing an honesty that has garnered them obsessed fanbases both in their Brisbane hometown and in underground circles worldwide, Arrows are post-rock balladeers without a filter. Almost two years since their debut album Modern Art & Politics flooded onto “Best of 2008” lists across the globe, Arrows have recorded their compelling heartfelt second album Try and Stay Upright. Seamlessly more dynamic and emotionally gripping than its 2008 predecessor – slower, shorter and certainly this young bands most powerful statement yet.

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Arrows new track + album details

Brisbanes Arrows have posted the first track from their upcoming second album Try and Stay Upright on their Myspace page, where they’ve given everyone a first look at the cover artwork and track listing.

I’m very excited about sharing this new record with everyone and hope you are looking forward to it as well! Technically it’s our first ‘all formats’ release (vinyl LP, compact disc & digital… all curated by us). It makes me very happy this could happen with friends Arrows, for what will be their third release with this tiny independent bedroom label.

Try and Stay UprightIn stores Sept 20, 2010
LP / CD / Digital

Listen to the new track What Happens At A Gifthorse Show

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Jamie Hay ‘Thieves’ 7″ out now

Jamie Hay Thieves 7″ + MP3 is now available & shipping immediately. Forget lengthy pre-orders, these puppies are ready right now and come with an instant MP3 download after checkout!
[Click here to purchase]

3 songs (2 on the 7″), Jamie’s (very) long awaited solo debut after joining Hobbledehoy in 2008. 1st pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on a matt-finish jacket, download code included inside, Black vinyl and lovingly hand assembled by your friends at Hobbledehoy Records – $8. We’ve also got a 7″+MP3+Shirt combo for $23, pretty snazzy hey?

In the midst of a heavy touring schedule and sometimes releasing a few records with A Death In The FamilyConationFear Like UsTyre SwansRibbons Patterns, Jamie slowly assembled his first solo release. Recorded in 2009 during the brief quiet periods, it wasn’t until Autumn 2010 that the entire mixing, mastering + artwork process could be fully completed.

Thieves heralds a beautiful progression in Jamie Hay‘s catalog, anchored by his trademark vocals and haunting undertones – befitting of his upbringing in an old coal-mining town.

Purchase  Thieves 7″ w/ Instant MP3
Listen to the record for free at Bombshellzine
Free download: Thieves MP3

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Jamie Hay ‘Thieves’ iTunes out now – 7″ soon

In the midst of a heavy touring schedule and sometimes releasing a few records with A Death In The Family, ConationFear Like UsTyre SwansRibbons Patterns, Jamie slowly assembled his first solo release. Recorded in 2009 during the brief quiet periods, it wasn’t until Autumn 2010 that the entire mixing, mastering + artwork process could be fully completed. Thieves heralds a beautiful progression in Jamie Hay‘s catalog, anchored by his trademark vocals and haunting undertones.

Thieves is available on iTunes now. The 7″ vinyl should be up for grabs (fingers crossed) late July, featuring some nice thick vinyl, hand-numbering on a matte-finish jacket and free download code. While the 7″ itself will feature two songs, the download code + iTunes includes three songs (two from the 7″ + the bonus digital-only song One More Lament).

You can listen to the title track now on Jamie’s Myspace page.

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Owen’s new album continues to delight press

Owen‘s latest full-length New Leaves was released Sept. 21stst and the good reviews have been nonstop. Check out reviews in Absolute Punk, Billboard, The Onion A.V. Club, The Daily News, The Quietus, and more by clicking the links below.

More About Owen
Purchase New Leaves CD (deluxe digipak)

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