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The debut Oh Messy Life release. A 14 track collection of early demos in their original lo-fi state, entirely self-recorded with a cheap plastic microphone in a small bedroom. Hobbledehoy spent some time convincing Adam to make these recordings available, as they were originally never intended for a release.

1+1-1=1 demonstrates just how the singer / songwriter genre can be so much more then a dull cliche’. Sometimes, sincerity of the writing & performance just sounds better without pro-tools.

1. Greetings & salutations MP3
02. And build me a church on what’s left
03. Redyellowbluered, yellow blue
04. Vanilla varnish (vanish)
05. First born bribe
06. Sundays are for regret MP3
07. It’s so hard to say goodbye, so easy to ignore you
08. Sad romantic
09. Playing corners
10. How do you like your blueeyedboy
11. Selfsaboteur extraordinaire
12. King of bad timing
13. This new year will self-destruct
14. Sugar lines

Released April 10, 2006

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