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BLUELINE MEDIC tribute out now


Blueline Medic - Shuffle & Scrape LPOur buds at Poison City released something very special and dear to our hearts today, ‘Shuffle & Scrape: A Tribute to Blueline Medic’.

This is a band who made a true lasting impression on me as I grew up, they were so different yet always accessible. Still my favorite Australian band, to have the honor of working alongside them on two records 42:19 and The Middle Of The End was incredible.

Featuring BLUELINE MEDIC covers by some close friends as well as Hobbledehoy artists ARROWS and JAMIE HAY, the Shuffle & Scrape tribute one very exciting release! Other contributing artists include The Nation Blue, Jen Buxton, The Smith Street Band, Paper Arms, Darren Gibson, Harmony, A Death In The Family, Grim Fandango, and The Gifthorse.

Stream the tribute album
Purchase the LP from Poison City
Purchase Blueline Medic records from Hobbledehoy

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Introducing: Eleventh He Reaches London

Eleventh He Reaches London

As far as Eleventh He Reaches London is concerned, distance makes the heart grow thwarted and dark rather than fonder. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia; a vast area of land separated from the rest of the country by an expanse of desert. This isolation has afforded Eleventh the luxury of growing organically, independent of the clichés and trends often present in larger communities. The result is a band that draws on inspiration from all corners – it’s an orchestra of unease, an anti-manifesto of poetry and personal history.

Reissues of earlier material are in the works and in early 2013, the band will be presenting their third album to the world. Expect another record that will stand alone, while unmistakeably Eleventh He Reaches London, deep-seated in Australian identity and antiquity.

Watch the video for “Oh, Brother” below, taken from the 2009 album Hollow Be My Name.

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LYMBYC SYSTYM in new KONY 2012 video


Wow. The LYMBYC SYSTYM “Fall Bicycle” and “Rest Easy/Age Kindly (Back Ted-N-Ted Remix)” tracks prominently feature in the new KONY 2012: Part II video that was released recently by Invisible Children.

It’s just insane to think how many different people will now hear the band for the first time, all because of this video. Thank you.

You can get the band’s latest album Shutter Release on vinyl now.

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VIDEO: LYMBYC SYSTYM two new tracks + interview


Brothers Mike and Jared Bell sit down for a nice chat at the Snakeweed Sessions, but it gets even better. They then privy us with performing two new tracks from the upcoming album, shot in magnificent high definition.

It sounds and looks outstanding. Eclectic, beautifully warm post-rock with a nice electronic twist, recommended for fans of Explosions in the Sky, or even Australian contemporaries Seekae and PVT.

The latest record Shutter Release is available now on vinyl LP.


Eyes Forward


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This Will Destroy You featured during Oscars Best Picture

This Will Destroy You - Live

This Will Destroy You - LiveThis Will Destroy You have quite an impressive resume licensing to film/video. Their music has been used in the film Moneyball (Brad Pitt), countless television shows, skate/snow/surf videos, the Beijing Olympics, disaster briefing for Hurricane Katrina in the Pentagon… I could go on!

But in a truly surprising moment, the producers of the 84th Annual Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) edited and cued the entire “Best Picture” nominee montage to “The Mighty Rio Grande”, from the bands S/T album (Magic Bullet Records). Thank you so much to all involved and for everyone with kind words to say – this was a really special moment

If you missed it, there’s an archive clip on the web. Skip ahead to ~15:50. Tom Cruise introduces the piece, the music hits, and then last the duration of the nominee feature. Enjoy:

Watch It All Here

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Video: This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes


Spin Magazine have premiered the brilliant new video for THIS WILL DESTROY YOU‘s ‘Black Dunes’ from 2011’s Tunnel Blanket. We’ve got the high-quality version right here! “This video was conceived while driving through mist in rural Sweden,” explains Malcolm Elijah, who directed the disturbing eight-and-a-half-minute spot. “It centers around the fracturing of a young woman’s mind and her descent into self-induced, self-absorbed delirium.”

As Spin warns… “Don’t watch this one alone”.

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Lymbyc Systym LP Now Available


1st press limited to 380 hand-numbered copies
First 25 Hobbledehoy orders receive special edition lithograph poster print (Photo)

Perhaps you heard them on their split with This Will Destroy You, perhaps never have at all. Brothers Michael and Jared Bell are an amazingly adept and musical force, far beyond the inaccuracies of the “post rock” tag they often get slagged down by. Relentless in touring, unmatched in motivation, and highly organized, this is the type of band that you always hope will catch on big-time beyond traditional circles. With nearly 10 years under their belt as a band to this point, it’s scary to think what these brilliant brothers from the desert still might have up their sleeves for eager ears.

Finally, after more than 2 years of waiting, Lymbyc Systym‘s 2nd album Shutter Release is available on vinyl for the first time worldwide.

Hobbledehoy (Ships from Australia)
Amazon (Ships from USA)
Stickfigure (Ships from USA)
Interpunk (Ships from USA)

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Instant MP3 Downloads with CDs + LPs

new webstore preview

new webstore previewWe know you can easily download music from the gamut of file sharing websites. To those who support Hobbledehoy in any which way, thank you so much. Our online store has just been rebuilt so that almost every record comes with an instant MP3 download, listen to your record right away while the LP or CD is posted to you. There’s a few other new features and more to come. Please let us know if you find any problems, and thanks again for your ongoing support.

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Jamie Hay Live at Sounds Like Sessions


A lovely new live video series called ‘Sounds Like’ recently featured Jamie Hay. Recorded in the beer garden of X&Y bar Brisbane whilst on tour with A Death In The Family in 2011. The song ‘Fireworks In The Distance’ is taken from Tyre Swans, a 3-piece split project between Jamie, Darren Gibson and Donnie Dureau (Blueline Medic).

Thieves, Jamie’s debut solo recording is still available from Hobbledehoy on 7″ and digital download.

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Owen Chicago Series: Live at Home


To close out the Chicago live video series, Mike revisited the same location seen in the first video, his own home. Check out this performance of “Everyone’s Asleep in the House but Me,” the last track off November’s Ghost Town.

Be sure and visit the past videos below, there’s one for each song off the new record!

Watch previous videos in the series:
Mother’s Milk Breath
No Language
An Animal
The Armoire
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Too Many Moons
No Place Like Home
O, Evelyn…