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New OWEN song “Bad Blood”


OWEN (AKA Mike Kinsella) has a fantastic brand new album coming out in July called “L’Ami du Peuple” and the first single, “Bad Blood,” made its debut on SPIN today! We’ve also got the song streaming here below. More new music from this great artist is always a treat, and Mike has made one the most exciting records of his career.

PRE-ORDER: Fourteen Nights At Sea – Great North


The anchor has been pulled on forthcoming sophomore album Great North, and the results are mesmerizing. Great North is a sweeping, chilling behemoth of an album. Furnished with sounds captured aboard the trusty ship of acclaimed engineer Neil Thomason (MY DISCO, AUGIE MARCH), this record is a stirring journey through a landscape of ice and darkness. The sound is reflected perfectly in the unforgiving winter sconces that creep through the album’s stunning artwork…

Oxfam x Charge Group

chilliseedfamily-460 (1)

See how just 100 chilli seeds changed the lives of Vo and his family in Laos, a promotional piece by Oxfam with music by Charge Group.

Hobbledehoy Subscription Packs


Find yourself craving Hobble releases, t-shirts, accessories? Want all the new stuff, maybe catch up on some existing items? Get a huge discount with the subscription package!

Hobbledehoy welcomes Fourteen Nights At Sea


Full of subtle minimalism, slow builds, and destructive metallic resolutions, reminiscent to formidable contemporaries of the genre – THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, GODSPEED… and the like. Hobbledehoy mark the end of 2012 with the release of the Melbourne group’s brilliant Untitled debut album on CD and digital formats for the first time – in stores this Friday, November 7 2012. New album coming Autumn 2013…