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THIS WILL DESTROY YOU featured in World War Z film


A U.N. employee (Brad Pitt) is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic. Via Pitt’s own ‘Plan B’ studio, World War Z is out in Australian theatres now. You’re going to hear “Villa Del Refugio” by THIS WILL DESTROY YOU playing throughout the film.

Zombies, Brad Pitt… ZOMBIES! Watch the trailer below…

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New OWEN LP pre-order


Limited AUS/NZ coloured vinyl pressing! The songs Mike Kinsella writes as OWEN have always had rock solid lyrical foundations. And on L’Ami du Peuple, the same can be said for the music. Emphasis on the rock. Anyone vaguely familiar with Kinsella’s musical lineage (CAP’N JAZZ, AMERICAN FOOTBALL, OWLS) knows he’s far from a one-note musician. And now, he expands his repertoire as a solo songwriter to include a touch of female vocals, pounding drums, and even dueling electric guitar lines that are the closest thing he’s done in tribute to his 80s hair metal obsession.

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New OWEN song “Bad Blood”


owen-couchOWEN (AKA Mike Kinsella) has a fantastic brand new album coming out in July called L’Ami du Peuple and the first single, “Bad Blood,” made its debut on SPIN today!

We’ve also got the song streaming here below. More new music from this great artist is always a treat, and Mike has made one the most exciting records of his career. The new album is due for release in AUS/NZ on Hobbledehoy in July 2013.

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PRE-ORDER: Fourteen Nights At Sea – Great North


Fourteen Nights At Sea - Great NorthPre-order: CD+Instant MP3 or MP3
Listen to ‘Glass Monster': Bandcamp

FOURTEEN NIGHTS AT SEA is a ship with no captain. Borne of the tides, some untold force propels them, ever gaining momentum. Melbourne’s premier instrumental post-rock horde have become a fearsome, thoughtful force to be drank in, wholly and willingly.

The anchor has been pulled on forthcoming sophomore album Great North, and the results are mesmerizing. Great North is a sweeping, chilling behemoth of an album. Furnished with sounds captured aboard the trusty ship of acclaimed engineer Neil Thomason (MY DISCO, AUGIE MARCH), this record is a stirring journey through a landscape of ice and darkness. The sound is reflected perfectly in the unforgiving winter sconces that creep through the album’s stunning artwork.

Having returned from a journey with US post-rock darlings THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, FNAS will bring Great North into port with a launch at their spiritual home, Melbourne’s The Old Bar on Saturday April 27th with NINETYNINE and THE BULLS.

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Charge Group – Escaping Mankind LP Pre-order

Charge Group - Escaping Mankind - LP

This stunning debut from the Sydney four-piece has won universal praise around the world for its flowing beauty, ambition and genre-defiance. Put simply, Charge Group play loud dynamic rock music (with an electric guitar, a violin, an electric bass and a set of drums) that can instigate sorrow, health, rapture, rapid eye movement, toothache and intrusive self-assessment all at once. They will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts.