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PRE-ORDER: Fourteen Nights At Sea – Great North


Fourteen Nights At Sea - Great NorthPre-order: CD+Instant MP3 or MP3
Listen to ‘Glass Monster’: Bandcamp

FOURTEEN NIGHTS AT SEA is a ship with no captain. Borne of the tides, some untold force propels them, ever gaining momentum. Melbourne’s premier instrumental post-rock horde have become a fearsome, thoughtful force to be drank in, wholly and willingly.

The anchor has been pulled on forthcoming sophomore album Great North, and the results are mesmerizing. Great North is a sweeping, chilling behemoth of an album. Furnished with sounds captured aboard the trusty ship of acclaimed engineer Neil Thomason (MY DISCO, AUGIE MARCH), this record is a stirring journey through a landscape of ice and darkness. The sound is reflected perfectly in the unforgiving winter sconces that creep through the album’s stunning artwork.

Having returned from a journey with US post-rock darlings THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, FNAS will bring Great North into port with a launch at their spiritual home, Melbourne’s The Old Bar on Saturday April 27th with NINETYNINE and THE BULLS.