Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym
Lymbyc Systym are brothers Jared and Michael Bell, originally from Arizona, but since relocated to Brooklyn, NY. An amazingly adept and musical force, far beyond the inaccuracies of the “post rock” tag they often get slagged down by. Relentless in touring, unmatched in motivation, and highly organized, this is the type of band that you always hope will catch on big-time beyond traditional circles. With nearly 10 years under their belt as a band to this point, it’s scary to think what these brilliant brothers from the desert still might have up their sleeves for eager ears.

From their self-released debut EP to their recent releases for Mush Records and split with fellow instrumental upstarts This Will Destroy You, Lymbyc Systym have quickly etched out a place in the bustling underground music scene. Their passionate yet humble approach to music, friendly nature and hardworking DIY ethic flawlessly epitomises what the Hobbledehoy label is all about and it is an honour to be working with Jared and Michael.

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